Our Country is now facing a threat which we have not seen in our life time and it may become a disaster in Biblical proportion that is called Covid 19, The Central and State Governments have already declared measures similar to emergency periods. We have already spent weeks in lock down to slow the progress of this Viral infection only one thing we can do at the moment is to take proper preventive measures, but unfortunately it’s pace isn’t decreasing and due to this, the unorganised sector of our society is worst hit. So from our NGO Noah’s Ark which is 15 years old we have started Food Ration Relief programs for last four weeks to the unorganized daily labourers in the South of Kolkata, which is our operational field. Till now we have helped more than 400 families and we are organising this on the strength of good people like you in our community who cannot reach directly to the needy ones. It is unfortunate that the need is far greater than what we provide, so we are earnestly seeking your help for your fellow countrymen facing a dire situation. We welcome any help. Your financial help will earn Tax deduction under section 80G of Indian Income tax act for your helpful contribution to feed the most needy of our society. This is the time to act till it becomes late. I wish you and your family safe health and hopeful tomorrow.Through 11 phases of Relief distribution we have helped more than 1800 Daily wage families, families with Differently abled persons, Rickshaw Pullers, on shoulder water delivery boys.  Appeal for your help to help the needy share your brother and sisterhood with us. Contact : 8276011608 / 9433149300, contributions are subjected to 80G exemption.

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