Centre for the Disable Children to Extending Inclusive Education(CDCE)
India has some 40 to 80 million persons living with disability, it is estimated that about 30 per cent of them are children below the age of 3-18 years.
The main goal of this project is to develop and contribute for an effective implementation of the Inclusive Education for the Disabled and Poor Children through innovative interventions, facilitation, capacity building, strengthening and initiation of community approach for sustainable and holistic development.
We have come upon this innovative project “Centre for the Disabled Children to Extending Inclusive Education (CDCE)” which will cover all the areas of Sarva Shiksha Mission(India Government Project) which are inadequate. This project will be an extension of the teaching, syllabus of Sarva Shiksha Mission. We will select a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 disabled children (hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally retarded, cerebral palsy etc) for each centre. Each centre will have a Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) trained and certified Special Teacher who will also be trained in Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy etc through Clinic. We will also be giving Vocational Training and will identify the area of interest of the special children. After identifying the area of interest we will encourage the students to pursue that craft in the later stage of life. We will also involve parents through counselling as an integral part of the preparatory intervention and ensure their participation in every stage of the programs.

a.    To organize awareness programs for school teachers, parents and community people.
b.    To recruit special teachers for targeted area as per identified.
c.    To identify the space where starting the centre.
d.    To identify the space for Special Clinic.
e.    To provide facility for vocational training.
f.     To provide a space for parent counseling.
g.    To Procure teaching and clinic materials as per need of the disabled children.
h.    To procure transportation.
i.     To introduce Monthly Reporting and Annual Evaluation of the Monitoring and Evaluation
       Committee (MEC) of the project.


Youth Development Program
Youth Leadership
  • Training Camp- (52 Camps).
  • Practical Field Training.
  • 1000 Participants- 750 Male, 250 Female.
Spoken English
500 Students- 325 Male, 175 Female.
Employment Generation Training
We have also trained more than 500 orphans in art and craft training in Save the Children Home, Thakurpukur.
Future Plans
  • Computer School.
  • Tailoring School.
  • Beauty Parlor Training Institute.
  • Teacher’s Training Institute.
  • Employment Generation Training


Women Education And Development
Empowerments of women by ensuring there direct access to, and control over, resources through a sustained process of mobilization. Enhancing women's access to resources for better quality of life through use of drudgery and time reduction devices, health, literacy and confidence enhancement and increasing their control over their income through their involvement in skill development and income generating activities. During these years we have provided Basic Computer education and English language classes meetings, seminars, house door visit, etc. for strengthening empowerment of women and their socio-economic development on sustainable basis. The women had actively participated in these program and they have educated in this process. They are becoming organized and applying their power and rights in every steps of life. 
  • For last 12+ years 120+ young women passed out of our institution and now are working in other corporate and schools like Maruti Udyog ltd, Forehans Technologies, International School etc.
  • Women Rights.
  • Economic Empowerment (Cottage Industry Training- 130 Persons)
  • Child Care, Health and Nutrition.
  • Tribal Art and Culture.
  • Spoken English Course. (130 Persons)


Mother & Child Care
We observed that malnutrition and under nourishment, affect the majority of rural women and children in the West Bengal. They limit their growth, both physically and intellectually and dimes their capacity to meet social and economic challenges, low levels of health and nutrition are also a result of the lack of education among parents of the children. The deplorable housing condition and the scarcity of clean water, sewage lines and other basis services. In this situation we are trying to improvise the situation by promoting of nutritional garden in the target villages. Special focus is given in every awareness camp, orientation to take care their health and where mother are sensitized to give nutritional intake food to their children.

Women And Environment
We observed the Environment and ecology play the vital role for existence of human and other living being. Due to rapid deforestation, applying of high level chemical fertilizers & pesticides etc. the ecology and environmental conditions in our projected area are decaying very fast. In fact most of the women are children are affecting various diseases. If they are initiating proper care and maintenance, this kind of hazardous problem can been averted. During this year we have organized seminar, workshop, competition with rural people for pollution control and proper maintenance of wastage good etc. for environment development. We require the help to accomplish our endeavor.

Child Care And Education
It is our finding that the quality of child care viz. education, health and nutrition, physical and mental growth and community participation of our target areas have been degrading mainly due to lack of infrastructure, poverty of the family etc. Child care and education is the most priority of the area of operation of our society. We can understand at majority people are engaged themselves for earning breads in our locality. Most of the children are neglected by their family to lack of poverty and social awareness, Child care, their education, health and nutrition, recreation etc. are essential element in a healthy society. We have arranged to start five numbers child education center in the projected area. Five dedicated voluntary child learners are provided with short of educational materials. They have been actively running the child education center with special care. Local community people and the guardian of the children are helping for this purpose.

Community Health Care & Development
We observed few women, men and children in the projected areas of the organization are far from accessible health &hygiene nutrition and sanitation facilities. Due to lack of socio-economic condition they are suffering day to day for better health care and development. It is our finding that the quality of mother and child care i.e. education, health & environment developmental growth and community participation of our rural areas have been degrading fast. In this regard during the year we have organized meeting, seminar, orientation etc. to educate them for proper care and also maintenance their health &hygiene, family development and preventive measures on various diseases like HIV / AIDS, TB etc. Besides that we are servicing for health care and treatment through our Health Clinics for the rural poor people. Total Number of our registered Patients is 1,981.

Elderly Care
Ageing is a global phenomenon. India is no exception to this demographic transition. The problems and issues of its graying population occupy the back seat. The current need is to conduct research and explore new directions in research on population ageing. Multi-disciplinary approaches to geriatric care can be fostered by collaborative training among medical, paramedical and other professionals. Future care giving for the elderly will also require models of both formal and informal care and systems for supporting caregivers. Community based geriatric services should be envisioned with active participation of all stake holders and players of social, economic and political leadership from the grass root level to the national level. Collaborations between the government, care providers, insurers and patients are a precursor to any significant change involving elderly care. Appropriate policies to address health care challenges of ageing population is crucial for India if it has to simultaneously meet the health care needs of the elderly.Rescuing and Rehabilitate Destitute Elderly people through Missionaries of Charity and Hive India

Meeting, Seminars, Camps Etc.
It is fact that Meetings, Seminar, Camps, Training are the vital force of information which can pass on to the unreachable and uninformed people. Every year we give emphasize on these programs which have become a regular feature of NOAH'S ARK with a common view of empowering every nooks and corners of our under privileged  communities. These programs contributed to a great extent in bringing the attitudinal change among the down trodden people specially women, children and elderly among both poor general and tribal communities of our respective working fields. Various issues like organization development, community development, Anti-Drug, Anti Trafficking, Women empowerment, HIV-AIDS, Promotion of Self Help Groups, Health & Environmental care, Anti Dowry system, Leadership for youths and so on are also given emphasis in our programs. About 2000men, 6000 women and 5000 children participated over these years.

Relief Service
We are mainly working in South 24 Parganas and in West Midnapore. The areas where people are mostly affected by drought, cyclone and flood regularly. Recently few families of our project area at the district of South 24-Parganas had badly effected in recent natural disaster of heavy flooding in Monsoon, 2017. Their houses, agricultural field, fish cultivation, etc. were also damaged during this flood. In this situation our organization was able to serve them about 507 Nos. families with limited resources. Polythene sheet, Medicines, dry food and other human services had done for them in the flood affected area.

International & National Days Observation
The rural people especially women of the target area are ignorant and information of thirsty. The international days observing works are to promote the following objectives. 
 To develop native literatures, leaflets, newspaper cutting, posturing etc. for extending importance of International days support to target people. Therefore we observed various International days viz. women day, Environment day, Population day, Children day, AIDS day, Health day etc. in this year. They acquired knowledge and information about these issues in current scenario and recalling the importance of days. In fact various disturbances can be protected through these observations. 

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